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Jeff Bezos: Amazon Prime Video doesn't compete with Netflix because viewers will just pick both

And why Golden Globes help sell shoes.

Asa Mathat

Amazon Prime Video, the e-retailers subscription media service, isn't a rival to Netflix, the far bigger video subscription media service.

Or so said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Why? Because consumers will pay for each of them.

"We don't compete with Netflix," Bezos said on day one of the Code Conference. "I think people are going to subscribe to both."

The Amazon chief also noted his company can trim costs for Prime Video, which includes a growing catalogue of originally produced shows, because it's tied to the Prime retail service.

"From a business POV for us, we get to monetize that content in an unusual way," he said. "When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes in a very direct way."

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