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Donald Trump hints that Ted Cruz's father had some connection to the JFK assassination. Cruz calls BS.

Trump cites disputed National Enquirer report, alleging ties to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

First the Zodiac killer Internet meme, now this: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump intimated on national TV that Ted Cruz’s father had some connection with John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Trump appeared to be citing a report in the National Enquirer, which claimed to have photographic evidence of Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Rafael Cruz distributing pro-Fidel Castro literature in New Orleans months before the murder — a report the Cruz campaign immediately called false.

But a frustrated Cruz met with reporters Tuesday, as primary voters were heading to the polls in Indiana, to call these assertions "just kooky." Then, with the camera rolling, the Texas senator opted for a bit of sarcasm.

Check it out:

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