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Climate scientists ask Jimmy Kimmel: "Why would we f*ck with you?"

On his late-night talk show Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel discussed the silly new climate-denier documentary that's in theaters now.

Climate Hustle has some of the conservative movement's brightest minds behind it. It's being publicized by noted former half-term Alaska Gov. and reality TV host Sarah Palin. And it was made by Marc Morano, a guy who got his start on Rush Limbaugh's show, then went on to be the first "journalist" to publish the swift boat attacks on John Kerry, then worked as communications director for Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), and now gets paid by conservative foundations to deny climate science full time.

Kimmel expresses confusion over why a scientific question has become divided along partisan lines — and to his credit, did not blame "politics" or any other airy abstraction. He identifies the party that rejects the science: It's Republicans. (This makes him more straightforward on the subject than most professional journalists.)

And then Kimmel lets climate scientists have their say.

Their message? "We're not fucking with you!"

Too funny.

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