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A complete list of all the ride-hail, auto and tech companies that have joined forces

In the future of transportation, everyone is looking for a dance partner.

Automakers and tech companies are actively seeking partners in a bid to develop fully autonomous driving cars. Companies like Uber, Lyft and Google are in search of players that have the manufacturing capability to mass produce self-driving cars that will feature their tech. Automakers, in turn, are looking for tech players that can help them fend against an expected drop in personal car ownership.

Here are all the players that have found their dance partners so far:


GM Spent over $1 billion on self-driving startup Cruise to keep up with Google, Apple

Lyft will have driverless cars on its platform within 10 years.

General Motors salvages ride-hailing company Sidecar for parts


Volkswagen is getting into the ride-hail game with $300 million Gett investment


BMW partners with live transit information service Moovit.

BMW invests in on-demand parking app Zirx. Zirx shuts down consumer-facing service.

BMW invests in driving analytics company Zendrive.

BMW invests in car-pooling app, Scoop

Uber may have just found its self-driving partner

Uber chased self-driving deals with GM, Ford, Cruise and others before hooking up with Toyota

Fiat Chrysler

Google and Fiat Chrysler are making 100 self-driving minivans

Google plans to open a self-driving lab near Detroit


Daimler subsidiary acquires Ridescout, MyTaxi apps


Apple just invested $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing app Didi.

Didi investment may help Apple mend relationships with Chinese government


Ride-hailing startups discuss global taxi alliance against Uber

Lyft partners with Grabtaxi and Ola to form the largest global ride-hail alliance

Uber's biggest rival in China invested in Lyft

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