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Elizabeth Warren keeps pounding on Donald Trump with his favorite weapon

Trump kicked off the Twitter exchange by calling Warren 'Pocahontas' and a 'total hypocrite.'

Senate Democrats Mark 5th Anniversary Of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren is clearly relishing her role as social-media battering ram. Today she took to Donald Trump's forum of choice — Twitter — to meet him head-on.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee kicked off the exchange when he turned to Twitter to label the Massachusetts Senator a "total hypocrite" for criticizing his real estate dealings. That's an apparent reference to a Boston Herald report that Warren, a prominent critic of predatory banks, took part in about a dozen real estate deals in Oklahoma that netted her some tidy profits.

Warren responded by using the social media platform to recycle some anti-Trump barbs — including her critique of a 2007 remark in which Trump welcomed the looming real estate crash as a business opportunity — delivered in a speech Tuesday night at the Center for Popular Democracy's annual gala.

That was the start of an hour-long tweetstorm in which she adopted the kind of confrontational style that Trump has made the hallmark of his campaign.

Some Democrats are hoping that Warren's grandstanding could be an audition for a spot on the 2016 ticket as Hillary Clinton's running mate. Her credentials as a Wall Street watchdog could help assuage the progressive wing of the party.

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