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Watch Elizabeth Warren's epic 10-minute takedown of Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren calls Donald Trump a "small, insecure money grubber."

Donald Trump "will never be the president of the United States."

That's the message US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been working hard to drive home these past weeks, most notably with her unyielding tweetstorms.

But on Tuesday, speaking at the Center for Popular Democracy, Warren stepped away from the 140-character platform and made her point very clear: Trump is "a small insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes money off it" and "cares about no one but himself."

"Now that he has sewn up the Republican nomination, Donald Trump is dropping all pretense. He is kissing the fannies of all the poor misunderstood Wall Street bankers," Warren said Monday night. "But the American people are a lot smarter that Donald Trump thinks they are."

It was a speech filled with biting one-liners, attacking the presumptive nominee for claiming to be "tough" on Wall Street:

Sometimes Trump claims he is tough on Wall Street, but now he is singing a very different song, he is saying that the new Dodd-Frank regulations, and I'm going to quote here, 'made it impossible for bankers to function' and he will put out a new plan soon that will be close to dismantling it.

Donald Trump is worried about helping poor little Wall Street. Let me find the world's smallest violin to play a sad sad song.

Can Donald Trump even name three things about Dodd-Frank? Someone should ask.

Chiding Trump for being pleased with the 2008 financial crisis:

The rest of us were horrified by what happened in the 2008 financial crisis, by what happened to millions of families that were forced out of their homes.

But Donald Trump was drooling at the idea of a housing melt down because it meant he could buy more property on the cheap. What kind of a man does that? What kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their house? What kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their jobs? To root for people to lose their pensions?

What kind of man does that? I will tell you exactly the kind of man. It is a man that cares about no one but himself.

What kind of a man does that? A man that will never be the president of the United States.

And turning Trump's ever-elusive tax returns against him:

For all we know he could be paying zero taxes today. And he is proud of it. Two weeks ago he was more than happy to dodge taxes because he doesn't want to throw his money, quote, 'down the drain.'

Donald Trump likes being a billionaire but he doesn't think that the rules that apply to everyone else, should apply to him. But let's be clear Donald Trump didn't get rich on his own.

His businesses rely on roads and bridges paid for by the rest of us. His businesses rely on workers that are educated by the rest of us. They rely on police and firefighters who protect the rest of us and are supported by the rest of us. Donald Trump and his businesses are protected by a world-class military that defends us abroad and keeps us safe at home and the rest of us pay to support.


Donald Trump thinks that supporting them is throwing money down the drain. Then I say we throw Donald Trump down the drain.

Mic drop.

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