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Bernie Sanders supporters find a new way to hate on Hillary Clinton

The #BernieHillaryTVShows hashtag is trending on Twitter.

News: Bernie Sanders York Daily Record-USA TODAY Sports

The latest predictions from FiveThirtyEight show Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic presidential nomination (barring some devastating event) before the polls close in California on June 7.

But Bernie Sanders supporters — like their candidate — aren't going gentle into that good night. They're turning to Twitter to satirize the party's front-runner through parody that veers into personal attacks.

The #BernieHillaryTVShows hashtag started trending on Twitter over the last couple of hours, with people depicting Clinton in unflattering ways (some are even more nasty than Donald Trump's dismissive nickname for his likely rival for the White House, "Crooked Hillary").

Update: Looks like @HuffPostComedy got the ball rolling, with a hashtag that invites users to combine "two things you love that won't love you back: TV and politicians." There have been some 7,500 tweets so far today.

One portrays Clinton as a wild-eyed character in the true-life crime series, "Snapped."

The enmity toward Clinton is obvious, raising questions about her ability to sway these most ardent Bernie supporters:

Meanwhile, the Vermont Senator is cast as heroic, even lovable:

The Sanders campaign says it's not involved in this effort.

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