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Remember when Donald Trump tried to “out” Jon Stewart’s Jewish heritage in 2013?

Brad Barket/Getty Images

In 2013, Donald Trump had quite the burn for political satirist and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart: He called him by his birth name, Jonathan Leibowitz.

It was payback. Stewart had called Trump a "boiled ham with a wig" on The Daily Show, and in retaliation Trump seemingly tried to either shame Stewart for hiding his Jewish heritage or for being Jewish altogether — the motives are unclear. It's important to note that in addition to the general prevalence of stage names, Stewart has also never hidden his Jewish heritage.

When Trump "outed" him, Stewart had the perfect comeback — equally as childish, and with a Daily Show–esque bite to it — exposing Trump's real name: Fuckface Von Clownstick.

"LexisNexis will tell you that, and we wanted to know why he was running away from the Von Clownstick heritage," Stewart joked earlier this May, three years after the incident, as a guest on David Axelrod's podcast, The Axe Files.

Three years later, Stewart still had the perfect comeback for Trump, calling the presumptive Republican nominee a "man-baby."

"I don't even know if Donald Trump is eligible to run for president," Stewart joked on The Axe Files. "This isn't a birther thing. Are you eligible to run for president if you are a man-baby? He has the physical countenance of a man and a baby's temperament and hands."

Character is destiny, Stewart said, and he finds Trump to be "the most thin-skinned individual" — much more than the average politician.

"I don't know that a man-baby can be president."

It's no surprise that Stewart, who has long been a Trump critic, had some choice words for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Their petty Twitter fight from 2013 proves Trump doesn't have the resolve for the White House, he says.

"As you know, great leaders tweet," Stewart said. "In fact, I remember Lincoln's Gettysburg tweetstorm. ... After the Gettysburg Address, he tweeted out, 'Emancipate this, motherfucker.'"

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