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Larry David's Sanders is back on SNL — and just as amazing as ever

As the Democrats' primary process comes to a close, things have become a bit heated between the two candidates — and, unsurprisingly, Saturday Night Live has taken notice.

The show had Larry David return this weekend to reprise his now-iconic role as Bernie Sanders, appearing aside SNL's own Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton.

The skit begins with Clinton sitting at a bar nearing last call, celebrating her perceived clinching of the Democrats' primary nomination — only to find Sanders sitting, unnoticed, in a chair behind her.

"I'm not going anywhere," David announces from his chair. "I can stay here as long as I want."

The two ultimately have a drink, reminisce about old times ("Remember when I told everyone to stop talking about your damn emails?" David's Sanders chides. "What shmuck!"), share secrets ("You know the presidency," McKinnon whispers. "I really, really want it"), and agree to a late-night dance.

McKinnon, of course, uses this opportunity to dance David right off the stage and into an elevator. If only political primaries could be resolved so easily.

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