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Hillary Clinton's horrible Venn diagram tweet has sparked a new meme

She was trying to say something smart about gun control, but it backfired.

Hillary Clintion Campaign In Kentucky One Day Before State Primary Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton intended to convey a message about her support of universal background checks for firearms purchases — perhaps to distinguish her stance from Republican Donald Trump on the day he picked up the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.

Instead, the Democratic presidential frontrunner became the butt of jokes on Twitter, among those who know a thing or two about Venn diagrams.

It started earlier in the day, when Clinton tweeted this:

Math nerds immediately seized on the incongruity: All the gun owners -- including the smaller number who favor universal background checks — are Americans. Clinton's Venn diagram seems to suggest otherwise.

Some dubbed the gaffe a "datastrophe."

Others turned to Twitter to demonstrate their command of elementary school math concepts (or superior intellect, you pick) by fixing Clinton's graphic.

Clinton opponents, naturally, seized the opportunity to take a swipe, as well.

Trump has yet to weigh in on the topic.

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