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Google and Levi's team up on a smart jacket that can answer calls and go in the wash

It's due for consumer release next spring and, yes, a beta this fall.


Google and Levi's showed off a new denim jacket Friday with built-in smart fabric sensors that allow cyclists to control their music, answer a phone call or respond to a message.

It is unique among clothing in that it's going into developer beta testing this fall and unusual among consumer electronics in that it can go into the wash.

The Levi's Commuter jacket, due for consumer release next spring, is an evolution of Project Jacquard, which Google announced at last year's Google I/O conference.

It will work with Google apps like maps and messaging, as well as third-party programs like Spotify and Strava. No word on how much it will cost.

Google said it has plans for Jacquard beyond cycling, including smart clothing lines for athletes and for the workplace.

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