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Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is looking for a new executive assistant

Could it be you?

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes
JP Yim / Getty

Things may not be so hot for blood-testing startup Theranos right now, but there are still career opportunities available.

The company has just posted a job opening — one of nearly 200 — for an "executive assistant" position to CEO Elizabeth Holmes. (Spotted by Fortune's Dan Primack.) You would basically be her body man (or woman).

This sounds like the most challenging part of the job: "Promote corporate image by professionally representing the CEO and Theranos internally & externally."

For those interested in becoming Holmes's assistant, you should know that the Wall Street Journal published another brutal story about the company last night. Theranos reportedly voided two years' worth of blood test results, which "means some patients received erroneous results that might have thrown off health decisions made with their doctors."

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