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Google's Jump virtual reality platform is adding cameras from Hollywood and China

IMAX and Chinese camera maker Yi Technology join GoPro.

Google Hosts Its I/O Developers Conference Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Jump, Google's software program for shooting and stitching together virtual reality footage, has added two new camera partners: IMAX and Yi Technology, a Chinese digital camera manufacturer.

The choices signal two key content areas for Google's growing VR team: The film industry and China, where standalone VR headsets are taking off.

Clay Bavor, Google's VP for VR, introduced the coming devices at day two of Google's I/O developer conference. "Hollywood is asking us for a cinema-grade Jump camera," Bavor said, noting (briefly) the IMAX partnership.

The first camera for Jump, from GoPro, came out earlier this month after several months of delay.

Bavor mentioned a few production teams that have used GoPro's camera, including the New York Times, but he didn't share any figures on how much VR footage has been created for Jump, which Google rolled at last year's I/O.

Bavor said the Yi camera "will be available later this year."

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