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CBS's Joel McHale sitcom about millennial journalists looks unwatchable

Did you know young people are online? Crazy.

Joel McHale in "The Great Indoors"
CBS / YouTube

In February, former "Community" star Joel McHale was revealed as the star of a CBS pilot for a sitcom about an old magazine writer who manages a newsroom of millennial journalists.

Today, the first trailer was released for "The Great Indoors." It does not look good.

In it, McHale plays an "outdoorsy guy’s guy with a sardonic sense of humor" who is a well-respected magazine writer for a fake version of Outside magazine. He is forced to come back to New York and work with a group of millennials. Judging by the trailer, the definition of "millennial" that the show's writers are using was cribbed from bad Facebook memes.

The show will air on Thursdays at 8:30 pm ET and 7:30 pm CT this fall. And here's one bright spot: Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whom you probably know as McLovin from "Superbad," is in "The Great Indoors." He looks like he could be pretty funny.

Disclaimer: The author of this post is a millennial journalist.

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