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Tony Hsieh wants us to forget the Zappos drama and behold the 'rainforest'

"The media focuses on holacracy; my focus is on self-management."

Recode/Alex Ulreich

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh thinks that traditional corporate structures are stifling and self-defeating. That's why he instituted the controversial management regime at Zappos known as "holacracy."

But Hsieh thinks the media is too obsessed with the larger drama of implementing holacracy. He'd rather the press pay attention to the values on which its based.

"The media focuses on holacracy; my focus is on self-management," Hsieh said. "Use a rainforest as an example. There’s no CEO of the rainforest."

You can watch a full video of Hsieh's talk, which was at the first Code Commerce Series event in Las Vegas, below:

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