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Watch: Megyn Kelly confronts Donald Trump over his use of "bimbo"

For the first time on national television, Megyn Kelly on Tuesday confronted Donald Trump one-on-one about one of the many insults he's used against her: "bimbo."

Trump's reaction was decidedly not very Trumpian. He shifted awkwardly, grinned, and said, "Excuse me." After some awkward silence, he gave his excuse: "Over your life, Megyn, you've been called a lot worse. Is that right, wouldn't you say? You know, you've had a life that's not been that easy."

Kelly's response: "It's not about me. It's about the messaging … to young girls and to other women."

This is something that Trump just doesn't seem to get. Whether he's insulting women, denigrating minority groups, or inciting violence at his rallies, Trump just doesn't seem to understand that his words, as a presidential candidate, carry weight that goes far, far beyond the individuals he's attacking. And when confronted with that fact, he makes up excuses.

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