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Clinton supporters are launching a $35 million digital ad blitz against Trump

Priorities USA Action plans to portray the Republican opponent as unworthy of the presidency.

GOP Republican Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Lynden, Washington Photo by Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images

The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC is gearing up a massive digital ad campaign to begin attacking Trump.

Priorities USA Action plans to spend $35 million on digital ads to appear in six battleground states as soon as primary voting ends on June 7. The super PAC will use Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms to reach women, Latinos, blacks and millennials with ads that cast the presumptive Republican presidential nominee as dangerous and deceptive.

"We're trying to reach voters where they’re at, and a huge portion of the electorate that we want to target ... get their information more and more online," said Anne Caprara, executive director of Priorities USA. "So it’s really important that our ad strategy reflects that shift in the way that people consume information and news."

The super PAC, founded in 2011 by former Obama campaign officials to raise money from wealthy donors in support of the president's re-election bid, spent about $75 million in that election — mostly on TV ads.

This time around, one-quarter of the $130 million Priorities USA plans to spend buying ads in major markets has been devoted to digital. Those attack ads will likely be in the vein of this one, which began airing Monday night in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Virginia.

It's ripped from the headlines — the New York Times' Sunday story, detailing Trump's private conduct with women. One of the 50 people interviewed for the article, former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane, subsequently went on Fox News to say her remarks were mischaracterized. By Tuesday morning, an attorney representing Trump demanded a retraction. The Times is standing by its story.

Priorities USA doesn't get caught up in the details of that dispute. Instead, it uses Trump's own words to portray him as demeaning to women.

Trump went on social media to criticize the attack ad as misleading.

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