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AT&T doubles down on high-speed internet in Silicon Valley as Google Fiber arrives

The fiber fight rages on.

Tribeca Experiential Presented By AT&T Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for AT&T

Recently, AT&T and Google Fiber have gone tit-for-tat on expansion plans for high-speed broadband, as the internet giant ramps up its very big plans for its service.

On Tuesday, AT&T tatted again: The telecom said it's bringing its GigaPower offering to more parts of San Francisco and several surrounding cities, including Mountain View, Google's home. In February, Google Fiber said it was in talks to come to San Francisco, tapping some of the city's inert fiber networks.

AT&T said its service is currently available to "tens of thousands" of homes and businesses in the Bay Area, and it plans to triple that very vague number by the year's end.

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