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Everything’s coming up Simpsons: make your favorite Simpsons quotes into GIFs with this new generator

Just a wholesome family sharing some quality time.
Just a wholesome family sharing some quality time.

Just in case you didn't have enough outlets for indulging your TV geek tendencies on the internet, the Simpsons quote generator Frinkiac has added a whole new dimension to its already thorough search engine.

Whereas before you could merely search Frinkiac for your favorite Simpsons quote and attach it to the accompanying image from the show, you can now search for your favorite Simpsons quote and attach it to an accompanying GIF, which everyone knows is just the more fun evolution of a boring old still photo.

The site currently boasts nearly 3 million screencaps of Simpsons shenanigans, the better to fulfill your most extravagant Simpsons GIF cravings and suck up any free time you might have once had.

To make a GIF with Frinkiac, search for a Simpsons quote, select the frames from the accompanying scene that you'd like to include in the GIF, and then click "make GIF."

It's that simple.

But since 3 million is an overwhelming number of images, we'll do you a solid and get you started with some of the Vox staff's favorite Simpsons moments.

First, and perhaps the most obvious, is one of the indisputable best quotes in Simpsons history:

Now for a more esoteric line, to establish your Simpsons cred:

One for when your friend tries to force a healthy food option on you when all you want is pizza:

And finally, here's the only logical conclusion to this and any other post that exists on this godforsaken information superhighway we call home, a perfect response to just about anything:

All hail her royal majesty, in all her frantic magnificence.

You can make more GIFs and explore the wonderful world of The Simpsons over at Frinkiac.

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