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Apple puts $1 billion into Didi, Uber's biggest global rival | Recode Daily: May 13, 2016

Cupertino makes a China play.

Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay

.Apple is investing $1 billion in Didi Chuxing (formerly Didi Kuaidi), the Chinese ride-hailing giant. Didi is in the middle of raising more than $2 billion at a $25 billion valuation in order to build its war chest in its fight against Uber. China watchers point out that the deal could help Apple gain credibility with the Chinese government.
[Dawn Chmielewski | Recode]

.An article in the Guardian, and subsequent releases from Facebook, revealed that a human is involved at just about every stage of the process by which Facebook picks "Trending Topics" headlines. This contradicts what the company has said on multiple occasions previously. In his own post, Mark Zuckerberg said that there's no ideological bias in Trending Topics, and that he plans to talk to people all across the political spectrum to prove he's serious.
[Noah Kulwin | Recode]

.A surprising story out of Silicon Valley has been the success of Nvidia, the high-end PC graphics card maker. The company posted earnings that yet again beat analyst expectations yesterday, and its share price has nearly doubled to around $40 a pop over the last year.
[Ian King | Bloomberg]

.On the newest episode of the Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast, travel site Gogobot CEO Travis Katz tells Lauren Goode and Kara Swisher about key travel tips — international phone plans, "smart" luggage and more — to help you plan properly for the summer.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

.Because Amazon is becoming the dominant retailer in an increasing number of sectors, it is creating antitrust issues in a lot of different spaces. For instance, the FTC recently killed an Office Depot-Staples merger, because it would give so much office supply market share to Amazon, and the agency fears Amazon can't handle that much new enterprise business.
[Rachel Abrams | The New York Times]

By Ina Fried
He has been overseeing cases in the federal court in San Jose since 2010.
By Jason Del Rey
JackThreads wants to bring the fitting room to your home.
By Ina Fried
She also interviewed TED conference curator Chris Anderson for her new Netflix talk show.
By Noah Kulwin
The live stunt du jour is a Washington Post columnist literally eating his words.
By Peter Kafka
Pro football is TV's most valuable property — but the NFL is happy to sell the digital guys some slices.
By Mark Bergen
You can even use it find that perfect GIF.
Chance the Rapper, an extremely talented and fun rapper from Chicago, dropped his long-awaited mixtape "Coloring Book" last night. It's available on Apple Music and tracks are floating around YouTube. "All We Got" is the buoyant and grand album opener, and Kanye West appears on it alongside a children's choir.

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