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Nancy Pelosi comes clean about her Apple Watch obsession during President Obama's State of the Union address

Time to get up!

Vjeran Pavic for Recode

Maybe you noticed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi glancing at her Apple Watch during President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Okay, maybe not glancing so much as swiping, tapping and giving it some serious face time.

On next week's episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, Pelosi said she was just figuring out the device, which had been a Christmas gift. And, frankly, she had no idea how insistent the Apple Watch could be when it comes to notifications.

"I thought it was at my command, I was at its command," Pelosi said in the interview. "I look down. It's like, 'Stand up and walk around for a minute!' A message would come up, somebody was calling ..."

It wasn't as though the former House Speaker was checking the time (as in, impatient to leave, as some suggested on Twitter).

"The President has a big old clock over his head," Pelosi said. "If I want to know the time, I [look at] that."

To make sure you don't miss the full interview on Monday, including Pelosi's opinions of Donald Trump and the Apple-FBI encryption debate, subscribe to Recode Decode on iTunes, Google Play Music, TuneIn or Stitcher.

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