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The chart that shows how Donald Trump dominates the 2016 presidential conversation on Twitter

Trump's rhetorical salvos consistently attract more notice than any other candidate.

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Donald Trump and his tiny vulgarian fingers are crushing all opponents — Republican and Democratic — on Twitter.

A new interactive chart from Twitter reveals just how the billionaire real estate mogul — and his deftness at the 140-character rhetorical firebomb — dominates conversation on the social media platform.

The GOP's presumptive presidential nominee consistently attracted more buzz than any of his 16 Republican primary opponents.

In all but one instance — around the time of CNN's Oct. 13 Democratic candidates debate — Trump commands more of the Twitter conversation than Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The data visualization reflects how conversation has shifted, week over week, since primary voters began paying serious attention last September. The circle indicates when each candidate dropped from the race.

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