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This SpaceX 360 rocket landing video is great for SpaceX, even better for YouTube and Facebook

Rockets! 360-degree video! Cool!


Earlier this month, SpaceX successfully landed one of its rockets on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean, a critical step for the company’s bid to improve efficiency in space travel.

It also makes nice marketing. Rockets are awesome!

What better way to show this off than with full 360-degree video. That’s what SpaceX did, releasing its first footage on Facebook and YouTube, letting viewers take in the landing from all angles. The tech giants are pushing this immersive video format hard, since it is an important stepping stone toward virtual reality — a big aspiration for them both.

Here’s the rocket landing on Facebook:

And here’s YouTube:

As of Sunday morning, Facebook had the numbers lead with nearly 1.4 million views. But YouTube wasn’t too far behind — just shy of 900,000. It’s a respectable showing for Google’s video arm, which is often trounced by Facebook in viewership of the same videos.

Two weeks ago, YouTube followed Facebook in granting 360-degree video live-stream capabilities. Maybe next time SpaceX launches a rocket, it will display it in 360 degrees, live. Of course, the Falcon 9 drone ship landing was only SpaceX’s second successful touchdown, after earlier crashes.

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