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Makeup Tips for Google Hangouts

Don't wear pants (it's a power move).

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When it comes to looking okay over a video conference, you know the basics by now. Direct, natural light is good. Lower angles are bad. Wear a shirt!! Don’t wear pants (it’s a power move). A smart thing to ask, though, is what should I slather all over my face to command respect even while speaking through a weirdly lit virtual reality machine?

Research shows again and again that moderate amounts of makeup lend women an air of trustworthiness and competence in the workplace. This guide assumes that research stands for the online workplace as well. We don’t wear makeup because we’re vain; we wear makeup because everyone else is vain! And we like making money sometimes, too. Other times, it’s just because makeup rules. Still other times, it’s because we are vain. All of these are fine and good reasons to wear makeup for work reasons if that’s a thing you want to do.

Working from home (or conferencing between different offices) became an option for more and more professionals around the same time that beauty vloggers began beaming their secrets through the cybernets. And yet there’s a pitiful amount of instruction for actually being on camera. I spoke to seasoned beauty vlogger and professional makeup artist Wayne Goss (over FaceTime, no less!) to clear up some of the mystery.

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