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Watch Adam Scott explain to Conan O'Brien why The Bachelorette is secretly feminist

Adam Scott showed up on Conan Thursday night, rocking a glorious beard, to mount a feminist defense of The Bachelorette. To be clear, he was not there to praise The Bachelor, which he doth abhor; just the spinoff.

"To see a group of men competing for a woman in a show that was designed for the opposite gender immediately emasculates all the men," he explains. "And the dudes they pick are all big alpha males — they’re usually kind of dumb — and they can’t handle being in this subservient position and having to pretend like they’re in love. And they go crazy. It’s terrific."

Scott and Conan are both pretty sure they wouldn’t do too well on The Bachelorette if they decided to compete, though.

"They’d think we had consumption," Scott points out.

"It’s Rick, Kevin, Steve, John, and the consumption brothers," Conan imagines.

Hey, I’d watch that show.

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