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Bomani Jones has a brilliant response to sports teams that use Native Americans as mascots

During an appearance on ESPN on Thursday, sports journalist Bomani Jones decided to make a statement by wearing this shirt:

The shirt is the Cleveland Indians logo, except it says "Caucasians" instead of "Indians," with a caricature of a white person instead of Indians' mascot Chief Wahoo and a dollar sign instead of the chief's feather.

Many people found the shirt offensive on Twitter, causing Jones's appearance on ESPN to trend. But getting offended is exactly the point: Many white people realize this shirt is unacceptable, yet it seems okay in US society to make a mascot out of Native Americans. After all, it's not just the Cleveland Indians who do this — it's also the Washington Redskins, Florida State Seminoles, and many other teams.

Or as Jones put it in an exchange with a critic of the shirt:

If you want to buy the shirt, try here — although it seems like the website is down.

Hat tip to Chris Yuscavage at Complex.

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