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23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki Talks Health Care, Theranos, Dating A-Rod on 'Re/code Decode'

"It’s up to all of us, the consumers, to take charge of our health. It’s almost like voting. It's your responsibility."

James Temple for Re/code

Anne Wojcicki does not lead a quiet life: Since 2006, she’s been the CEO of prominent genomics company 23andMe. She used to be married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin. And recently, she’s been in the tabloids for dating someone who’s even more famous than Brin: New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

“You might’ve dated someone not well known,” Re/code’s Kara Swisher pointed out on the latest episode of Re/code Decode. “I’m trying to think of who you could’ve picked. … Vladimir Putin?”

“I’m all for long-distance, but that seems far,” Wojcicki replied. “And also controversial.”

On the new podcast, Wojcicki also talked at length with Kara about her family of overachievers that includes her sister YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, how 23andMe bounced back from a public clash with the FDA and why she’s rooting for Theranos, the embattled blood-testing startup led by another of tech’s few female CEOs, Elizabeth Holmes.

“I love what they’re trying to do. I know Elizabeth well,” she said. “I have a ton of respect for them there.”

23andMe and Theranos are both reflective of a bigger movement in the health world, Wojcicki said. She believes the longtime norm of consumers not comprehending the health-care system, and therefore not being able to have a say in how doctors work, is coming to an end.

“It’s up to all of us, the consumers, to take charge of our health,” she said. “It’s almost like voting. It’s your responsibility.”

James Temple for Re/code

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