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Watch: Amy Schumer subjects Lin-Manuel Miranda to the worst kind of Hamilton fever

Her pitch for a "Betsy Ross hip-hopera" doesn't go so well.

Are you ready to get back Inside Amy Schumer?

The fourth season of Amy Schumer's sketch comedy series debuts on Comedy Central on April 21, and to celebrate, the comedian has released a brand new sketch starring herself and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of Broadway's Hamilton. Schumer plays an aspiring musical producer, and after sliding into Miranda's Twitter DMs she convinces him to meet her in person, at which point she proceeds to "pitch" her own "hip-hopera."

"A hip-hop musical about another historical, famous revolutionary character named ... Bethany Ross!" Schumer announces.

"Betsy Ross," Miranda corrects her, as he orders an Uber to get the hell out of there. "You're mixing up a historical figure with a Real Housewife."

Undeterred, Schumer launches into a musical presentation of Betsy Ross, a blatant rip-off of Hamilton that basically consists of Schumer flailing around while Roots bandleader Questlove halfheartedly drums up a beat. It's like watching every "musical" you ever put on for your parents while believing it was the best thing anyone had ever done — only Miranda isn't one of Schumer's parents, and therefore has no obligation to even pretend to like it.

The basic joke is clear by about three seconds in, so, no, the sketch isn't the absolute funniest thing Schumer's ever done. But there is something pretty perfect about the way Schumer, whose every move is written up on the internet, enlisted Miranda, whose every move is written up on the internet. It's almost like they knew even the simplest collaboration would get attention, like, I don't know, a write-up by a culture reporter on the internet.

Well played, Schumer. See you on April 21.