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Hillary Clinton plays the 'woman's card' -- for fund raising

A little political jiu-jitsu.

Hillary for America

Feminists around the country could be heard gasping when Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman’s card” for political gain.

The remark, made in the aftermath of Tuesday’s five-state primary sweep, was audacious for a candidate critics have labeled a misogynist. Some political pundits wondered if Trump was looking to undermine one of the central appeals of Clinton’s candidacy — her potential to make history as the nation’s first woman president.

The Clinton campaign sought to turn Trump’s dismissive remarks against him with a tongue-in-cheek fund-raising campaign urging voters to get their “woman card” by donating to the campaign.

A Clinton’s spokesperson hasn’t responded yet to a question about whether the appeal successfully translated into donations. But Trump’s comment certainly generated backlash on social media.

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