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The Daily Show turns Donald Trump's bragging and misogyny into a rap song

Donald Trump is known for saying a lot of bizarre, offensive things on the campaign trail. But The Daily Show finally figured out a good use for those lines: a rap video.

"Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper's playbook," correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said on Thursday. "He brags about his money. He's disrespectful to women. And there's always fights at his concerts."

Host Trevor Noah questioned the idea at first, arguing Trump "is just saying stuff." But Wood countered, "The same way rappers just say stuff. Do you really think Jay Z has 99 problems? He's a billionaire. At the most he's got 12 problems."

To prove the concept, Wood put together an actual rap video of Trump's lines. It works … surprisingly well. Here's one section, keeping in mind these are actual Trump quotes:

I'm so good looking.

I'm really rich.

Part of the beauty in me is that I am very rich.

Don't respect women … They know it's the opposite.

Arianna Huffington is unattractive.

Still don't believe it? Watch the full video above. And also check out The Daily Show's website for "Black Trump," which has the video, audio, and annotated lyrics.

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