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Jonesy, a wonderful comic about a ferret-loving girl, is Boom! Studio's next big hit

Exclusive: the comic is going from a limited run to an ongoing series.

Alex Abad-Santos is a senior correspondent who explains what society obsesses over, from Marvel and movies to fitness and skin care. He came to Vox in 2014. Prior to that, he worked at the Atlantic.

Jonesy is one of the most promising and entertaining new comics of this year. Written by Sam Humphries and drawn by Caitlin Rose Boyle, it's a manic, hilarious, and ultimately sweet story about a young, superpowered, ferret-loving girl (Jonesy) as she navigates the adventures of high school. The comic was originally slated for a four-issue run, and has been an undeniable hit with fans and critics.

In a Say Anything-channeling cartoon strip released exclusively to Vox, Boom! Studios has announced that Jonesy will expand beyond its initial run. The book will now become an ongoing series, joining the company's acclaimed stable of comics, which includes The Lumberjanes, Power Rangers, and Giant Days:

Written by Shannon Watters, art by Kat Leyh (Boom)

In light of the news, I caught up with the creators to discuss the strange and wonderful comic they've created and where it's headed.

Alex Abad-Santos: For someone who might be completely new to Jonesy, can you explain the premise?

Sam Humphries: Jonesy is an epic story about two iconic superheroes who come into conflict and must battle out their differences. Coming this summer.

Alex Abad-Santos: When the comic first came out, it was originally planned to be a limited series. Now that it's going to continue, how does that change — or does it change — the story you're telling? Did you have more than four issues planned?

Caitlin Rose Boyle: In our hearts, we knew Jonesy was going to go on, and on, and … on!!

Sam Humphries: We planned for a 100-issue run of Jonesy.

Alex Abad-Santos: What sort of feedback have you received so far? Do you have a sense of what type of readers Jonesy appeals to?

Sam Humphries: We always knew Jonesy was a star, and now the rest of the world is catching up. The average Jonesy reader is intelligent, charming, insightful, caring, cute as heck, hilarious … and modest. If you read Jonesy, congratulations! If you don't, it's not too late for you to become who you were meant to be.

Caitlin Rose Boyle: It's been phenomenal! A great thing about Jonesy is that anyone can have fun reading it; I've gotten wonderful and warm responses about the book from a full range of people. Jonesy just can't be pinned down.

Alex Abad-Santos: Where does Jonesy go from here?

Sam Humphries: Only more mischief and heart-breaking and trouble-making. Issue five sees Jonesy come face-to-face with her mega-crush, the intergalactic pop singer STUFF. If you think Jonesy can remain calm and composed in the presence of her mega-crush, you have played a psyche on yourself.

Alex Abad-Santos: Ferrets. Will there be ferrets in Jonesy's future?

Caitlin Rose Boyle: Ferrets up the wazoo. So many ferrets. Just wait until we get to the "All Ferrets" issue, where we just follow [one of Jonesy's pet ferrets] Rocky around for a full day of being a ferret. It's riveting stuff.

Sam Humphries: Jonesy will pilot a giant robot made of ferrets.

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