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Stunning photos of the solar-powered plane that just flew across the Pacific

The Solar Impulse flew from Hawaii to Silicon Valley, powered by 17,000 solar cells.

Jean Revillard-Handout/Getty Images
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Fly around the world, powered only by the sun.

That’s the idea behind Solar Impulse, the group that’s trying to pull off a trip around the globe in a 5,000-pound plane that uses 17,000 solar cells.

They’ve been at it, in fits and starts, for more than a year. Yesterday, pilot Bertrand Piccard finished a three-day, 2,336-mile flight from Hawaii to California. The route crossed over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and finished in Google’s Moffett Field, in Silicon Valley.

The LA Times story has details about the journey, and Solar Impulse’s Swiss-based team has a lavish site with much more info.

But if you just want to look at pictures from the trip and watch a video, we can help you out right here.

Jean Revillard/Solar Impulse 2/GNR via Getty Image
Jean Revillard-Handout/Getty Images
Jean Revillard-Handout/Getty Images

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