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Here's rare footage of Prince's all-star celebrity 'Saturday Night Live' jam

"Dearly inebriated ..."

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It’s hard to find a lot of Prince on YouTube, but maybe it will get easier now. In any case: Here’s a recent but legendary Prince clip that just popped up — the extended jam of “Let’s Go Crazy” he put on at the after party for “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th anniversary party last year.

Honesty in embeds: This isn’t the most amazing Prince performance you’re going to see. The “wow” factor here is that he’s onstage in front of an audience comprised almost entirely of famous people like Jay Z and Rihanna, and that he’s surrounded onstage by famous people, including Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock, Emma Stone, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short.

Actually, if we’re being really honest here, the story about the performance may be better than the performance. Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s version:

Still, the fact that this happened more than a year ago, in front of a crowd of people waving phones around, and almost none of it has surfaced until now is … something. So here it is, courtesy of “SNL” veteran cast member Tim Kazurinsky.

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