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Supplies of Go Board Game Run Short After Computer Challenge

Google CEO Sundar Pichai publicized the issue in a retweet on Saturday.

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While the computer AlphaGo recently trounced its human opponent in a five-game match of the ancient Chinese board game called Go, it could have some new competition.

In a sign of just how far artificial intelligence has come, the Google-built AlphaGo program took four out of five games from Korea’s Lee Sedol last month. (The computer did get bested in one game toward the end, and after AlphaGo had clinched the win.)

However, the computer’s victory has apparently gotten a lot more people interested in the venerable game.

For those unfamiliar, Go is a Chinese game that dates back more than 2,500 years. Two players take turns placing black and white stones on to the playing board, with the goal being to occupy more area than one’s opponent does.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai retweeted news of a worldwide shortage of the game Saturday.

If you really want to take up the game, though, Amazon still has several options available.

Or, if you are stuck waiting or just don’t want to pay for a physical board, there are lots of electronic options. The American Go Association lists a number of server-based Go games and I’m told the SmartGo Kifu game for iPad is also quite good.

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