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New Supreme Court attorneys use smartphone tech for admission to the bar

Justice may be blind, but she sure as hell isn't deaf -- not today, anyway.

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It’s been a weird week for cellphones. First, AMC Theaters hinted that they’d allow texting during movies in an effort to attract more millennials, only to walk it wayyy back when Twitter exploded at them.

But it was a whole different story at the Supreme Court today, where cellphones, usually prohibited, were welcomed with trumpets and flowers. What was the difference? Accessibility!

According to Bloomberg BNA, a group of attorneys who use the CART service — which translates official gatherings, including legal proceedings, in real time for the hearing-impaired — were admitted to the Supreme Court bar. Though the service has been used for arguments, it hasn’t been used to admit new members — until today.

Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr. even learned to sign “your motion is granted.”

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