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Would you pay higher taxes for _______? Take this quiz.

About half of Americans believe their taxes are too high, but with virtually any demographic group, you can find something they are willing to pay more for.

But that something is different for everyone.

So the week of April 4, we polled about 1,000 people in partnership with the nonpartisan media and technology company Morning Consult to ask if voters would be willing to pay more taxes to fund various government functions. You can see the results of that poll here.

Then, using this poll data, we decided to see if we could guess what your preferences are, based on some basic information. So fill out the quiz below, and see how similar the results are to your preferences.

A few notes:

  1. For some questions, we added the option of "other" because we didn't feel the choices fully encompassed everyone. Those don't sway the results either way, since the poll didn't have that option, but we felt it was important to put in the quiz. (Some questions already had the option of 'other.')
  2. Here's an example of how the calculator works. If you're a woman, then we considered that 58 percent of women from the poll would pay more for Social Security and 33 percent would not, so we gave Social Security a net score of +25. Then, if you said you were a moderate, we did the same thing (59 percent would pay more, 34 percent would not, so a net of +26) and added that to the score, which would give you +51. At the end, we put it on a scale of -100 to 100. A higher number means people like you are more willing to pay for that item.

Good luck.

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