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On 'SNL,' Julia Louis-Dreyfus Introduces Mercedes Electric Car Powered by AA Batteries

Batteries not included -- all 9,648 of them.

"Saturday Night Live"

Last night’s “Saturday Night Live” was light on tech, not counting a weird sketch about aliens at a event (really? But we did get this fun commercial starring guest host Julia Louis-Dreyfus, introducing the Mercedes AA:

[hulu id=DS8ZjB_W0WnyeV6FRmYUlQ width=640 height=360]

The all-electric car, Louis-Dreyfus tells us, is powered by 9,648 AA batteries (not included) and reaches a top speed of 52 miles per hour. The explanation of how to replace those batteries is easily the highlight of what could have been a 10-second gag.

And in case you’re curious: According to some dubious battery-buying websites, AA batteries bought in bulk can go for around 25 to 35 cents apiece. Only $3,376 to refill your tank!

$35,000 for a Tesla sounds like a good deal by comparison. Mercedes, you might want to rethink this one.

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