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Verizon reportedly plans FiOS overhaul with new internet-based set-top box

It might even drop the FiOS branding altogether.

Roberto Machado Noa / Getty

Verizon is planning on releasing a new set-top box model later this year that could substantially change how it delivers cable and Internet services to FiOS customers, according to a report from Variety today. The new device, codenamed “Mallard,” is said to incorporate technology from OnCue, an Intel Internet TV service sold off to Verizon in 2014. The phrase “video set-top box” and OnCue are both also mentioned in a series of FCC filings reported first by Light Reading earlier this week.

The box would deliver content from streaming services and online video from Verizon’s AOL subsidiary with an all-new interface distinct from the current FiOS one. (Verizon may even go so far as to drop the FiOS branding altogether, the report says.)

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