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Apple says it has the 'most effective security organization in the world'

Apple engineers pull back the curtain on iPhone security.


Apple said in a press briefing earlier today that it has the “most effective security organization in the world,” and discussed multiple layers of iPhone security on both the hardware and software side to underscore this point.

The press briefing with Apple engineers was highly technical, including details that were previously undisclosed and in some cases might require deep knowledge of security protocol to understand. But it doesn’t take a degree in CS to understand the timing and relevance of the briefing: Apple is currently at odds with the U.S. government over the issue of encryption. While the government is exerting pressure on Apple to make the iPhone less secure and to cooperate when it comes to obtaining crucial digital information, the company is adamant that doing so would compromise the privacy and security of consumers.

Apple used today’s briefing to hammer that point home and to point out that it can build security into every level, because it controls the entire phone.

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