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Did Jack Dorsey send beard shavings to rapper Azealia Banks to promote Square Cash?

Banks says she was supposed to cast a spell on Dorsey's behalf.

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Last March, the rapper Azealia Banks tweeted to her followers that they should sign up for Square Cash, Square’s Venmo-like service that lets you send and receive cash.

More than a year later, Banks now claims that in exchange for promoting the service, Square CEO Jack Dorsey (who also serves as the CEO of Twitter) promised to promote her mixtape. Dorsey, according to Banks, didn’t follow through. Additionally, she says that he sent her some of his hair in an envelope so that she could “make him an amulet for protection.”

Here’s the story Banks — who the Guardian last year said “brought witchcraft back into the mainstream” — told on Twitter this morning, including a photo of witchcraft-y looking materials that may or may not include Jack Dorsey’s hair. Some of the tweets use, er, explicit language.

It’s unclear if Banks actually created the amulet of protection for Dorsey. But in the time since this deal would have gone down, Dorsey was reappointed CEO of Twitter and he successfully took Square public. Plus, Square’s stock has rebounded sharply over the last couple months.

When asked whether Dorsey had sent hair clippings or made a promotion deal with Banks (Banks has yet to reply to a tweet from a Re/code reporter), Square rep Aaron Zamost replied with the following GIF of magician Gob Bluth from “Arrested Development”:


Twitter spokesman Jim Prosser sent Re/code this as the company’s comment on the matter:


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