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A Look Inside LinkedIn's Controversial New Building

The architecture may not please critics, but the insides look pretty pleasant.


Noted San Francisco Chronicle architecture critic John King penned a withering implosion of the new LinkedIn building at 222 Second Street this week. He doesn’t hold back. Among a treasure chest of thoughtful barbs: “An overbearing 26-story glass box on one prominent corner that has all the charm of a well-tailored packing crate”; “feels exactly like what it is: a tower designed and built by New Yorkers”; and “galling.”

But not everyone feels that way about the Black Swan of SoMa. Some even took it upon themselves to Instagram the latest addition to the area. With a sun-drenched roof deck, yoga rooms, kimchi bowls, and a free beer and ice cream bar, how could you not?

Take a look.

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