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As Expected, Yahoo Talent Exec Leaves (Via Pretend-All-Is-Well Goodbye)

Despite financially lucrative offers to stay and retention bonuses out the ying-yang, Gould wanted to go.

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As Re/code reported yesterday he would, it’s official that another top Yahoo exec has left the company.

“I have decided to leave Yahoo,” said Sandy Gould, a well-regarded SVP for talent acquisition and development, in a statement sent to everyone except the site that broke the actual news (not that we need Yahoo PR’s useless help, obvi!).

But what was most fascinating was the Dear-Leader goodbye that Gould was made to pen, which is counter to all I have heard about the multitude of departures by execs that Yahoo does not want to leave. Like others, despite financially lucrative offers to stay and retention bonuses out the ying-yang, sources tell me Gould wanted to go and has another job waiting in the wings.

And yet, this kind of corporate blather results: “It’s time to take a break and decide my next adventure. I have had an amazing experience working for Yahoo. It has been transformational and I have loved the learning, mission, people, and the opportunity to work with Marissa. The recruiting team and community at Yahoo are incredible. I have loved building and unleashing the superpowers of Yahoo employees. The stories I will proudly tell will be of amazing experiences, loyal devotion, of a brilliant CEO, and an incredible and passionate leadership team! Leaving Yahoo, is the hardest leaving I have ever done. Yahoo will always be in my heart.”

Maybe at first, but not now.

To recap from yesterday’s story:

Gould was hired to much acclaim just over three years ago, after a high-profile career at Disney/ABC Television Group, Linden Labs/Second Life and RealNetworks. At Yahoo, he has been a favorite of CEO Marissa Mayer, who put him in charge of recruiting, learning and development efforts, once a big focus of hers.

It’s been touch and go for a lot of high-ranking execs like Gould at Yahoo of late, many of whom are not sure what to do in the midst of all the swirl at the Silicon Valley Internet giant. That includes a proxy fight that could — and probably will — oust the entire current board, as well as a lugubrious sales process to hawk Yahoo’s core business. Also, there’s a spinoff of its stake in China’s Alibaba Group taking place.

Oh yes, let’s not forget ongoing cost-cutting that includes a lot of layoffs. (And did we mention the juice machine was on the fritz? Just kidding, purple people — your green smoothies are safe for now!)

And, since it is Friday, enjoy my favorite all-is-well video:

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