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Bernie Sanders wore the world's most confusing suit to the Democratic debate

Black, blue, brown, or green?
Black, blue, brown, or green?
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The most dreaded internet meme is back, but this time it's not about a black-and-blue dress (to all white-and-gold truthers, science proved you wrong).

It's about the suit Bernie Sanders wore to a Univision Democratic debate on Wednesday night.

The much-hyped debate between Hillary Clinton and Sanders in Miami, Florida, is the first face to face between the Democratic presidential candidates after Sanders won the Michigan primaries in an incredible upset Tuesday night.

But from the moment the two candidates were called to the stage, attention on Twitter turned away from policy and toward figuring out whether Sanders's suit is black or blue or brown.

Everyone from reporters to political pundits have weighed in on this highly contested debate within a debate. CNN's Brian Stelter says blue:

And Sanders's rapid response director Mike Casca confirmed in an effort to put the debate to rest.

But brown suit believers did not put the issue to rest.

And now the suit has its own Twitter account:

Thanks, Twitter.

Vox has its own poll. Cast your vote (seriously):

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