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Watch: Mitt Romney reads mean Donald Trump tweets

Mitt Romney has called Donald Trump "a fraud," "phony," and, most importantly, a bad candidate for president. And Trump has fired back in his signature style — by insulting Romney on Twitter.

On Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Romney read one of those tweets, along with tweets from Trump's supporters. Here are some of them, as well as Romney's responses:

"Got zero," Romney said. "The only people I know who got zero are the ones who paid $25,000 to be at Trump University."

"Mitt Romney equals loser. That's true, actually, I lost. You may not have noticed," Romney joked. "I buy it at Costco in bulk."

Romney responded, "Pic or it didn't happen."

Asked how much he would pay Trump to get out of the race, Romney said, "There's not a right price for that."

"Donald Trump just needs to get out of the race," he added. "He said in there that he's sad. Let's make people happy, and let's have a candidate we can be proud of."

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