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Can Coliving Help Solve the Urban Housing Crunch?

It has been compared to dorms, fraternities and the Real World house, but many investors also believe coliving is part of the future of urban living.


Two years ago, Joey Plunkett faced the same situation thousands do every month; making a move to New York City. After finishing grad school two years ago at St. Andrews in Scotland, Plunkett decided to make his mark in Manhattan, attempting to get the startup he co-owns, BugSplat Software, which reports user crashes for bigger software companies, in front of a bigger, more lucrative audience. Outside of bringing his job with him, the 26-year-old faced the same hurdles that makes every NYC transplant bemoan their arrival; finding and applying for an apartment, and surviving the maze of security deposits, broker fees, and roommate pairing that process entails. And that’s only the start. There’s navigating the city, figuring out a social life and routine, and other challenges common to any big city move. But, as befits the startup mentality, Plunkett found an alternative solution.

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