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Amazon Is Launching a Live QVC-Type Show as Part of Push Into Fashion

Called "Style Code Live," the free 30-minute video show will stream live on each weekday.


By some estimates, Amazon could be the No. 1 apparel seller in the U.S. by next year. Now, it’s unveiling a live daily show on to help push that initiative.

Called “Style Code Live,” the free 30-minute video show will stream live on each weekday at 9 pm ET. The show will feature fashion and beauty tips and a live chat that the company says will allow viewers to communicate with the hosts.

The most Amazon-y piece of the experience, though, will be a product carousel showing viewers the stuff related to the show that they can purchase on And you have to believe this feature is as much about awareness for Amazon’s clothing-selling business as it is about making direct sales of stuff from the show. It follows last week’s Amazon announcement that it would begin airing a free reality show called “The Fashion Fund,” which documents a competition among up-and-coming fashion designers.

Since mid-2012, Amazon has been making a concerted push into higher-end fashion, a part of the apparel industry that has been slower than most to go digital in a big way. But Amazon still has the perception in some circles as the place you go to buy TVs and socks, not $200 jeans or $400 blouses. “Style Code Live” seems like another piece of the effort to change that.

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