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Watch: Stephen Colbert's total disbelief at the state of the presidential race

After a few days off the air, Stephen Colbert finally got his first chance on The Late Show to respond to Fox News's Republican debate from Thursday — and he couldn't believe what had happened.

Seriously. He said, "I can't believe that these are absolutely legitimate jokes to be making about a presidential debate right now."

Colbert's disbelief came in response to Donald Trump literally defending the size of his penis during a bizarre feud with Marco Rubio about the size of Trump's hands and other body parts.

Colbert concluded that American politics had sunk to a new low. Then he gave us this graphic, which references the swift boat attacks against Democrat John Kerry in 2004, claims that President Barack Obama is secretly Muslim, and accusations from 2000 that Republican John McCain had secretly fathered a black child:

"Pretty low," Colbert said. "Though not quite the lowest rung. We still haven't hit onstage nut punch followed by closing statement delivered via one long burp. But it's only March."

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