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Hillary Clinton Drops In on Reddit's r/HillaryClinton: 'Senpai Notices Us!'

Clinton made her first-ever post to Reddit on Sunday.

Hillary for America / Flickr

Reddit might not have as many users as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, but what its community lacks in numbers it makes up for in fervor. For supporters of presidential candidates like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, this is especially true.

But don’t count out Hillary Clinton; the Democratic front-runner stopped by r/HillaryClinton, the Reddit forum for Clinton fans, to say thank you to her Reddit fan base. The former First Lady and Secretary of State’s post is her first on the social news website.

Titled “Hello! This is my first time on Reddit — as you probably could have guessed! — but I wanted to drop in and thank you so much for everything you’re doing,” the candidate typed a brief message to her supporters: “I know it hasn’t always been easy, especially here. But people like you are the heart and soul of our campaign. I’m so grateful to have you with me. -H.”

Responses to her message include “Senpai notices us!”, calls for people to donate to the Hillary Victory Fund political action committee, pledges of support and memories of the Clinton political dynasty through the years.

Also in Clinton’s post was a link to a Flickr photo that we’ve used as the art above. The caption reads, “Getting ready to leave a comment on”

As of March 6, r/HillaryClinton has just over 6,300 subscribers. R/SandersForPresident has around 202,000 members, and r/The_Donald has about 54,000 “centipedes.”

H/T: Amy Chozick

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