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Facebook Is Looking for a Journalist to Tell Feel-Good Stories

The social network is looking for a journalist with a "deep passion" for Facebook.

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Facebook is looking for a reporter to spin some yarns for its feel-good “Stories” project.

The social network is advertising for a contractor with the right journalistic chops — research, storytelling, news judgment and “a deep knowledge and passion for Facebook” — to recount uplifting stories of how its platform has changed people’s lives.

One recent example features a Seattle architect whose passion shifted from designing homes to helping those who didn’t have one by posting personal stories of the people he meets.

Facebook, which was built on users sharing their photos, musings and articles they find interesting, has been focused on journalism of late. It struck partnerships with major publishers through its Instant Articles program. Last month, it hired the managing editor of News Corp’s social media news agency Storyful to manage these relationships.

Of course, more content means more opportunities to generate ad revenue. Publishers were initially frustrated by the restrictions imposed by the social network but Facebook is working to change that.

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