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If You're Reading This, You Didn't Observe National Unplugging Day

30,000 people pledge to unplug for the day.

Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Today is the day. The day to dim the light on your smartphone, close the laptop and connect with the real live human beings in your life.

Clearly, you (like me) didn’t observe it. But about 30,000 people took the pledge.

The idea behind the National Day of Unplugging — which began at sundown Friday and concludes at sundown Saturday — is to remind the hyper-connected (you and me) to slow down and consider minimizing screen time.

We are screen obsessed. One Pew Research Center study found that 89 percent of cellphone owners confessed to using their devices during the last social gathering they attended (perhaps to check in on social media?).

But it doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves: 82 percent said they felt their cellphone addiction hurt the conversation. So, maybe next year.

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